Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New on the Tube

The new fall television season is upon us, and I thought I'd list the new additions I plan on watching :

That ought to sum it up. I hate new shows, and I never watch them. Through the process of attrition, this would eventually lead to watching zero tv. That's not entirely how it works, because occasionally I'll hear someone talking about a show, and I might check it out. That's what happened with House. And, many moons ago, with Buffy. Sometimes, I check them out, watch for a few weeks and then decide I really don't like them; Desperate Housewives. To be honest, my goal is to watch less TV, not more, which is why I don't even start with new programs. That leaves me with:

Battlestar Galatica
(which has a rather short season)

These are (pretty much) the only shows I TiVo. Everything else depends on how desperate I am to watch something (anything.) Last night I ended up watching the last forty-five minutes of Bridget Jones' Diary.