Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Life at Gitmo

While NOT accusing us of flushing Korans, some detainees say things such as this:

“Americans are very kind people,” one English-challenged detainee said in the March 4 paper. “If people say there is mistreatment in Cuba with the detainees, those type speaking are wrong, they treat us like a Muslim not a detainee.”
“I’m in good health and have good facilities of eating, drinking, living, and playing,” remarked another. “The food is good, the bedrooms are clean and the health care is very good.

Of course, these are probably LIES put out by Bush, Rummy, and Cheney. Halliburton might even be involved, who knows? If you didn't believe that, there is probably little chance you will believe this:

In a February 16 Gitmo dispatch, an American Forces Press Service report described the treatment of Camp Delta’s roughly 520 detainees from about 40 nations. Troublemakers wear prison-style orange jumpsuits and mainly are confined to rudimentary accommodations. But those who follow camp rules wear white outfits and exercise seven to nine hours daily, often playing soccer and volleyball. In quieter moments, “chess, checkers and playing cards are the most requested items,” Rhem wrote. As for reading, “A security official explained Agatha Christie books in Arabic are very popular and that camp officials are working to get copies of Harry Potter books in Arabic.”
Detainees eat culturally sensitive meals and follow arrows painted on dorm floors to face Mecca. “Prayer calls are broadcast over loudspeakers five times a day,” Rhem added.

Of course, as Leo as pointed out, all the prisoners in Gitmo are innocent and are merely there because their heathen (oops, that's not culturally sensitive, now is it?) under-the-thrall-of-American-Empirialism Muslim brothers were bribed by soldiers to turn warm bodies. So I don't really know how one would approach the following :

Among 167 detainees freed from Guantanamo, the Pentagon has identified “about 12” who have resumed terrorist operations. Last October, two Chinese engineers were kidnapped in Pakistan. “Former detainee Abdullah Mahsud, their reputed leader, ordered the kidnapping,” the report states.
“Another released detainee assassinated an Afghan judge,” the document continues. “Several former GTMO detainees have been killed in combat with U.S. soldiers and Coalition forces.”

That is troubling, but I'm sure if we put our heads together we could come up with a reasonable explanation. How about this:American mistreatment in Gitmo DROVE them to these later acts of violence. They were innocent little goat herders, but a year in Gitmo turned them into vapid jihadists. Yes. That's the ticket.