Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Libertarian angst

I had this thought while i was out walking last night, and I'm not sure I can get all my thoughts out (because one can think MUCH clearer while walking a dog in the hood than when in charge of five fighting, yelling, playing complaining children.)

In the last few months, grumblings have been heard from some of the Bush voters. One major complain is that they are sick of the Religious right, and are threatening to take away their votes for the next election. They complain that the "Big Tent" isn't accommodating them. Well, I've got a few words for them.

WHAT the hell are you talking about? Is there some religious legislation going through that I'm not aware of ? Is that "Mandatory Prayer" bill going though? Is someone's Cinimax porn being pulled? Is Desperate Housewives being forced to change it's name to Repentant Housewives? Abortion is, apparently, about to return to the back alley. Yea, I know - Bush pulled the performance of Kid Rock for one of his inagural parties, and that was really repressive and all, but is it really such a big deal? Plus a ton of "card carrying" conservatives were critical of that move.

It seems to me, that the libertarians (and 9/11 Conservatives) can't even stand the debate regarding issues of morals. Such a conversation shouldn't even take place. What is so WRONG about a debate regarding declining moral standard on TV? I make a case, you make a case, then we come to a conclusion. What offends many of the above, it seems, is that the conversation even occurs. They don't even want to participate, and start screaming that they are being thrown out of the tent. Since when is a lively debate tantamount to kicking someone "out"? From my experience, the Republican "base" has differences of opinions on many issues. We don't walk in lock-step, never have. So, quit your whining.