Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005)

I was in college when I first learned about Andrea Dworkin, and her form of "radical" feminism. I was steeped in it myself. I was a pro-choice, pro-women, typical college female. I wore birkenstocks and patchouli. I never let my leg hair grow, so I guess I kept a bit of my dignity. But, what Dworkin wrote went a bit too far. Intercourse- male/female sex was rape. I just couldn't get my head around that. I eventually drifted away from my feminist ways (although I never abandoned my Birkenstocks) - and my husband BANNED patchouli from the house. I am 180 degrees from what I was as a feminist college kid - yet ... now I see the Dworkin did have some interesting things to say. She was violently against pornography - which makes her unhappy bedfellows with freedom-of-speech-liberals And, then there is this :

 I have a modest proposal. It will probably bring the FBI to my door, but I think that Hillary should shoot Bill and then President Gore should pardon her.
 The silence from other feminists in this country is deafening. There's no outcry against Clinton, there's no outcry against Hillary for fronting for him. I think a lot of feminists are very distressed and disappointed in him, but they don't want to say so publicly because many of them are connected to the Democratic Party. It's a problem. It was a problem when Bill Clinton threw poor women off welfare and used pregnant teenage girls as scapegoats as if they were causing the economic problems of our country. Clinton has good policies for middle-class women, but I don't think he has good policies for poor women.
 Male politicians' policies in respect of women are important, but sexual harassment is an issue, too. You don't say it's OK for the leader of your country to be having his cock sucked, by someone half his age, while he is in the people's house. Yes, the law says that if both parties are consenting, it's not sexual harassment, and it's not illegal. As far as we know, Monica was consenting, but I believe Clinton is culpable because I think he's guilty of exploitation. I care abut how men in public life treat women. Clinton shows a real callousness in what he was doing to someone who was just about his daughter's age.
 He may not have to resign, but I think he should and I think he will. I don't want him as my president. I think he's toast, I think he's done, I think he's outta there. And I'm glad about that. Most of my feminist colleagues won't be. They feel he's a good president and the country's in good shape, they feel he's a good guy. Yeah, he just did this one little thing that was wrong, but he's really a nice guy. Au revoir, Slick Willy.

What other feminist stood up against Bill Clinton? Ms. Dworkin, rest in peace.