Monday, December 29, 2008

Woman defends unqualified home maker in run for political office

Now ... what is it about this that seems so familiar? I mean, familiar, yet completely different? Oh, it's driving me nuts, but perhaps I'll remember ...

Amid all the recent buzz about Caroline Kennedy's bid for a U.S. Senate seat, there has been a great deal of talk about her connections, her power, her wealth. But the way I see it, if you strip away the glamour, the name and the money, then Caroline is . . . me. And many of my friends. Maybe even you. If, that is, you happen to be a midlife woman raising kids and returning -- or thinking of returning, or hoping one day to return -- to the full-time workforce.

Caroline Kennedy is YOU! And ME! Why can't we run for office be appointed by Hillary to her Senate seat? I mean, aside from the fact that my last name isn't Kennedy and I don't travel in the same circles as Hill and Bill.

Still, there's just something deja-vu about a women entering politics after being a mommy without the supporting experience....

Caroline Kennedy, of course, doesn't share my concerns about lifetime earnings losses or 401(k) plans. But she does have to worry about being unfairly penalized for her unconventional résumé, about being nastily pigeonholed as a mere "happy housewife." For her sake, and that of all us in-and-out, stopping, opting, part-time, full-time working mothers, I hope she gets a fair shake.

So do I! Let's unite and support ALL women with similar unconventional paths ... and by that, I mean all liberal women. 'Cause those conservative women are redneck, no-nothing, hillbillies.

Says Ace, who reminds me who this reminds me of:

But Princess Caroline is just like other women, so she's qualified, unlike Sarah Palin, who's unlike many other women in the sense that she's been the governor of a state and has negotiated multibillion dollar deals with large oil companies and foreign governments.

Also note that with Sarah Palin off the stage (for the moment), it's safe once again for the MSM to begin pedaling the sexism card. Sexism was an important concern when Hillary was running; then not so much when Palin was being attacked; and now that Princess Caroline is running asking her relatives to make phone calls to get her appointed, it's back.

Funny how the timing always works out so joyously to liberals' benefit. Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd suspect some kind of double-standard or something.

You know that Ace is paranoid. The media have a double standard? Pish posh.