Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Michigan News

I am loving this.

All Michigan is asking for is an opportunity to weigh in on the nominees before the race is all but decided. It wants to move primaries for both Republicans and Democrats to Jan. 15. The earlier date would force candidates to campaign in Michigan and address the issues of a struggling industrial state.

But Democrats are having none of it. The national party says if Michigan moves its primary into January -- as it will do under a bill signed Tuesday by Gov. Jennifer Granholm -- it will not seat its delegates at next summer's national convention.

Clinton, Obama, and Edwards have agreed to isolate Michigan. Of course, what does it matter to them? Michigan is a blue state failure. It's blue cities, blue governor, and state government are mired in unemployement, budget shortfalls, and rising taxes. Yes, I suppose it's just best to completely step over this turd instead of showing up and having to answer questions and come up with possible solutions.

In other Michigan news, VW is picking up its ball and moving to another state. Another 1000 jobs lost. THANKS JENNY!

You see, this is comthing people don't seem to understand. You can raise taxes and claim it's all about people paying thier "fair share", but people, and companies aren't stuck in Michigan. They can, and will, leave.