Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's our fault, even when it's not

A bit of local news. "Local" as in really close; across the Detroit river in Windsor. First, the news story:

Over the past three weeks, 220 undocumented immigrants -- mostly from Mexico -- have driven from their homes in the United States to Detroit and crossed the border into Windsor to seek refugee status.

Much of the rush stems from groups in Florida that were putting false information on the Internet that Canada is now taking in illegal immigrants and offering them generous financial assistance, Windsor officials said.
"The word has spread like wildfire for other illegal immigrants to do the same," Mayor Eddie Francis said. "There seems to be an ongoing effort by community groups who have been advertising that by coming to Canada and seeking refugee status, you're able to escape enforcement and get access to social assistance and health care until your claim is heard. That's been the driving force."

So, let's all feel sorry for Windsor and Ontario. I can only imagine the cost in human services. Housing. Medical. It must just be, like, awful!

The city is required to pay 20% of their social services, with Ontario required to pay for the remaining 80%.
Francis said he spoke Friday with Canadian government officials, asking for financial help. He also asked them to expedite the refugee application process.
The city is working with area motels and the Salvation Army to help house the newcomers. About 10 to 12 families stayed at the Devonshire Motel on Howard Avenue in Windsor recently, said manager Mike Soni. And there were 22 people at the Salvation Army shelter on Church Street, said Salvation Army spokeswoman Maj. Patricia Phinney. Some of the immigrants have as many as eight children, she said.

Eight children! Well, I sure hope Windsor has bilingual education set up to handle all those kids.

Here's my favorite part of the article:

"Quite frankly, the city can't afford to pay for the consequences of U.S. immigration policy," Francis said. "We just can't."

Uhm ... hello? This is a consequence of our immigration policy? Actually, this is a consequence of the fact that these immigrants come from STINKHOLES who would rather break laws and take their chances with immigration officials than remain in the festering pustule (in terms of government, corruption, and crime) in which they were born? And, the only reason Canada doesn't have more Mexicans in the Great White North is because the U.S. serves as a buffer zone. Well, that and who wants to live in Canada? I keed, I keed. But, the situation is that they illegally immigrated to Canada JUST LIKE THEY illegally immigrated to the U.S. We don't want 'em either, because they are a drain on our resources as well.