Wednesday, August 01, 2007


If you had a yappy (unleashed) one of these:

chasing you down the street and then attacking ... oh, say one of these:

which do you think would win?

There was an injury, and exposed muscle tissue was involved. It was not on my beautiful puppy. The owners of the yap-yap have known for a looong time about this issue, and it isn't the first time their "killer" has gone after us while we were walking. I've been chased into the street, and once before there was a minor biting incident. I've always known that if that dog really tried to rumble with Greta, death was very possible.

Yesterday, I saw the dogs running out from their garage, and had my husband continue walking, while I attempted to stop the dogs in their tracks. They blew right by me.

I felt horrible, even though it wasn't my fault, but when I tried to apologize, the dog owner instead insisted that I accept his apology.

The kicker, is that we had another unleashed dog attack us in the next block. This time Greta was more evenly matched, size-wise, but she still won.

I'm thinking of contacting Michael Vick.