Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Michigan continues to bleed jobs:

The North American headquarters of the VW and Audi brands, based in Auburn Hills, is rife with speculation that a new CEO from Germany, Stefan Jacoby, will arrive Sept. 1 and use a promised restructuring to move some -- if not all -- of its 2,000 taxpaying jobs from Michigan to new headquarters on the East Coast, most likely to a site in suburban Washington, D.C., or North Carolina.

It appears that the stink of Michigan failure is too much for VW and Audi.

The thinking behind a move is that it ostensibly would distance Audi and VW from troubled Michigan and a beleaguered industry. Second, it would enable parent VW to burnish its brands on the coasts by attracting talent that otherwise wouldn't consider opportunities here.

That is, they don't want to be associated with "Michigan failure" AND no one wants to live here. THANKS JENNY!!

In five years, the whole Michigan economy will be blown away.

But, never worry. Jenny's got a plan. She's going to raise our taxes. That ought to fix everything.