Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror Plot Averted!

And, what do the KosKids have to say? Let's go see:

JEERS to red meat for Fox News.  The U.S. and Britain are now at Terror Alert Level "Mommy!!!" as an apparent terrorist plot to blow up 6-10 airliners is apparently thwarted.  Officials say all liquids are now banned in the cabins of overseas flights.  Great...just what a passenger riding on a potential time-bomb needs: an empty liquor cart.

Don't go LOOKING for an actual story on dKos about the event. There isn't one (at this point.) It's just not as important as the Lamont/soreLoserman issue. From the comments:

It's been going on all night.  Arrests in London.  Terror plot.  Its all we will hear for the next few days.

MAN, that sounds like a real drag. We're going to be overwhelmed with this boring issue for days. You know what else really bugs me about this whole Global War On Terror? The inconvenience of those pesky security precautions. Sometimes, I wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to live our lives, and what happens - Happens. If only Bush had not begun his illegal war for oil...

Who, what happened there? You think BDS might be contagious? Merely reading dKos may be enough to catch a nasty infection. More from comments!

Typical Republican response to a setback in the political arena.  Raise the terror alert level. This has occurred so many times before that it has become a joke.  I wouldn't have thought Lamont's victory over Lieberman would have stressed the Republicans so much.

Oh, yes, a variation on the "I question the timing" theory. It's just so OBVIOUS that this entire terrorism kerfuffle is nothing more that a Rovian plot to distract the voters. I quote Michael Moore; "There is no terrorist threat." Well, there you have it. There is a bit more (mostly complaining about airplane restrictions that might arise due to this, which degenerates into a declaration that one man will piss in the isle), but then the discussion turns back to Lamont.

There is nothing to see here folks, keep moving.