Thursday, August 03, 2006


I think I've mentioned before my fondness for my pooch, Greta. She isn't my first dog, that honor goes to Moe, a shepherd/collie mix I picked up at the Humane society back in college. My second dog was a beagle/bloodhound mix. So, I'm not unfamiliar with mixed breeds. Greta is my first "bred" dog, And, she is, either by breeding or coincidence my best dog.

Now, it isn't PC to like bred dogs. You are supposed to get your dog from a shelter, or a rescue organization. There are "X" number of dogs put down each year, we don't need dogs bred intentionally, etc. In addition, I am told that mix-breed dogs have a better temperament and health. Assumedly, the unhealthy and undesirable traits just disappear when the breeding is random.

Moe wasn't "bad." Lets just say she had "issues." She didn't like kids and had a horrible habit of running away. Once I found her five miles from home. She had been a stray, and I guess it was something in her that couldn't be loved away. Malcolm, the beagle/bloodhound, was sweet but about as intelligent as the pavement. He too would run away, but it was more of a straying-until-he-got-lost dealo. Both had health problems as they got older. Moe had hip-displaysia the last few years (she also was epileptic), and Malcolm was put down shortly due to back problems.

And then there is Greta. Greta is loyal, smart, and totally devoted to our family. She is great with the kids (although she does tend to lick them excessively), is playful, and a great watchdog. So far, her health is great, and X-rays show no signs that she will develop the dreaded hip problems that can plague the breed. She is the perfect dog.

Now, I'm not about to convince anyone that they shouldn't get dogs from humane shelters. I've done it myself. That's where we got our cat! I'm not saying that mixed dogs are bad, or inferior, or anything else. What the hell am I saying?

Oh, right. I do have a point.

Earlier today I was chastised for, basically, have a bred dog. Dogs shouldn't be bred, you see, because we should all be rescuing dogs from shelters. We should all be taking up the slack for the irresponsible dog-owners out there. ) Certainly there are some nice dogs in shelters, but if you peruse the cages (which I have) you will find that many of the dogs (since the puppies are usually place quickly in homes) have issues. Like they are not good with children. Or they hate cats with a passion.

Obviously the woman who chastised me is very passionate for her cause. But, it was irritating. I have a feeling that she has now labeled me as one of those inferior pet owners. Oh well, I'll get over it.

I love my dog, and if our love is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Did that sound bad?