Friday, April 22, 2005


Five things I hate:

Extra piercing, tattoos - with a special place in my cold heart for tongue piercing. First of all -they are just plain ugly. Second, if there ever was a TREND, this is it. I always get a bit of enjoyment from people doing things that are supposed to set them apart, yet everyone else at the local coffee shops is doing the exact same thing.

People who home school for PRESCHOOL. I home school, and always have. But, it is trendy. What irritates me, are all these people who set out to home school their 3-year-old. Hello, but most people home school their preschooler. It also goes by the ever-popular term: "Parenting."

Ultra-competitive parents. This should just go without comment, because you know who they are, and if you are one.

TV- it's increasingly paining me. I hate reality shows. I'm sick of hospital shows, and law shows, and even mystery shows. The half-hour sitcom is DEAD DEAD DEAD. If it weren't for 24 and Brit Hume I could just disconnect the satellite. Which is why I hate it ...if there were absolutely nothing good on, I could say "goodbye" and sanitize my house. But, I'm teased by a few good shows.

How many do I have so far? Four? OK.

I know this is going to sound REALLY PC, but I hate SUVs. I hate that the neighborhood next to me is a SEA of SUVs despite the fact that there are snow plows the second a flake of snow touches the street, and that the terrain is about as rugged as a baby's but. And, that most of these families has a grand total of 2.5 kids, so they don't really need a HUGE GENORMOUS car (because it isn't the Cherokee's that are bugging me - it's all those freaking Escalades that really irritate me). I don't really care what people drive ... but when I see some of these SUVs pull up to a gas station that is selling gas for $2.50 a gallon, I just laugh and laugh and laugh. I'm evil that way.