Saturday, October 27, 2007

Forward and back

Greta update:

Ok, so by late last night, we were seeing small signs that she could move her left leg. But, this morning, she insisted on going outside, and dragged me deep into the woods (stupid dog) - me thinking she wanted to take a dump in the woods. She was not curling her leg under (which she had been doing, and was a bad sign), but sorta dragging, and pulling. As if she could move it, but it was really weak. Anyway, this feverish attempt of Greta's continued; go potty or no? Finally, she's starts whining. I really don't know; but she ended up working herself up into such a fit of pain, that I had to go get a shot of morhpine from the vet. She was dragging herself around the basement; in circles, around couching, lying down and then getting back up. And the whining/crying was unbearable. It was really, really awful. She is now (post morphine and maxed-up on pain bills) really drugged out beneath the computer table. My plan is to keep her really doped-up on pain pills for the next few days.

So, giving that she was starting to move her leg, the vet's thought that she messed up her recovering pelvis, which caused inflamation leading to pain and paralysis looks like perhaps the correct answer.