Monday, February 28, 2005

It's more than just Bloggers ...

The post regarding female bloggers ... for me, didn't just include Blogging. That is where the debate on other blogs began. But for me, the question bleeds into "real life.' I was going to respond the following in comments, but decided to bring it up to the top- it is a continuation of the comment discussion.

I know a lot of people (women) involved in politics - don't misunderstand me to believe I am saying that women are altogether indifferent to politics. I also know there are a lot of female (political) bloggers. BUT - in the course of the last ten years of my life- the majority of women I have met are not interested in politics at all. Them aside, there are also thosee women that will talk politics, but are just too emotional to debate. It is not a discussion of facts and idea, but of emotional responses. When other women discover my views - honestly - they cannot separate their emotions regarding my politics from "me." I don't walk around with a t-shirt that says "Fuck the French" or anything, and in fact many people at first mistake me for a liberal, so I don't think their feelings are due to me having a some overtly aggressive political personality.

I've often wondered if it is factor of being conservative ... that conservatives are not only considered "wrong" by liberals ... but that they are also evil. I dunno.

It appears to me, though, that men are more easily able to debate their differing opinions w/o "hating" those with whom they disagree.

I suppose this whole post has been a lament - that dialogue (especially between women) from the two political sides is so difficult.