Sunday, February 07, 2010

Just why?

Why is Obama doing a pre-game interview with Couric? Why?

Some Steyn for Sunday, on what Obama's mispronunciation of "corpsman" means; they don't know what they don't know.

Which is embarrassingly true. Hence, the awful flop speeches, from the Copenhagen Olympics to the Berlin Wall anniversary video to the Martha Coakley rally. The palpable whiff given off by the White House inner circle is that they’re the last people on the planet still besotted by Barack Obama, and that they’re having such a cool time starring in their own reality-show remake of The West Wing they can only conceive of the public — and, indeed, the world — as crowd-scene extras in The Barack Obama Show: They expect you to cheer and wave flags when the floor-manager tells you to, but the notion that in return he should be able to persuade you of the merits of his policies seems entirely to have eluded them.

I'm sure plenty of folks, non-military, were equally unaware of the difference between corpsman and corpseman, but most of them are neither 1) the Commander-in-Chief of said corpsman, or 2) using the aforementioned "corpseman" as a prop in a speech.

Regardless, we're doomed, folks. Our problem isn't that Obama doesn't know how to pronounce "corpsman" - it's that he doesn't know what he's doing. $5000 tax credits for businesses who take on new hires? More money thrown at the Department of Education?

It’s not the “debt” or the “deficit,” it’s the spending. And the only way to reduce that is with fewer government agencies, fewer government programs, fewer government employees, lower government salaries.

Doomed. And, it's not enough that Obama and company are in control of the federal government. They've also got their hands on local politics. Why does a potential Michigan candidate for governor need to be "interviewed" by the White House?