Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today's Racist post

Because it's just horrific. Ten-year-old girl gets raped by four 14-year-olds, and the family doesn't want her back.

The father told the caseworker and an officer in her presence that he didn't want her back. He said, 'Take her, I don't want her,' " police Sgt. Andy Hill said.

Bending over backwards to understand those from different cultures, we get this explanation:

Ali Keita, a Liberian refugee and president of the Arizona Mandingo Association, works with refugees to ease their integration into U.S. society. Keita said that Liberian families may question why sexual-assault victims were in a situation that left them open for attack but that the initial response likely stems from disappointment and frustration with the family's circumstances.

"(As a parent), you feel like you've failed . . . to protect them," Keita said.

Oh yes. That's some yummy cultural understanding. He doesn't want her back because he feels like a failure.

h/t: Small Dead Animals.