Thursday, May 14, 2009

Health Care CRISES!

Today's feature presentation comes to us via Laura from over at the Green Room:

Please watch before you comment.

Obama says “the stars are aligned” to implement the changes he wants. What he really means is Congress is aligned, and that he wants to ram this through the way they did the stimulus package - unread, undebated, and unworkable.

Of course, bama and friends have no idea how to fund this behemoth, that we don't need, and the educated citizen shouldn't want. Chances are, should it come to pass, it will NOT be funded in an clear or honest way.

What we need to get away from is the idea that healthcare can be provided for by the government. Government doesn't provide anything, but it's (often crappy) organizational abilities. Everything comes from the people. Government takes, and transfers.

So, let's be honest. When someone says that the government should provide healthcare, what they really should be saying is that other people should be paying their healthcare bills.

Should we be paying for the healthcare of young folks who would rather live large than drop a few bills a month for their own healthcare? Should we, as a society, be paying for the healthcare of 12 million non-Americans? Should we be providing the healthcare for folks making $75,000 a year, who would rather have a new care that pay for their own doctor's visits?