Friday, October 24, 2008

Isn't this supposed to "bother" people

Via Protein Wisdom, Velociworld:

I am not a reactionary person by nature, but trust me when I say the first 100 days of a Barack Obama presidency will bring holy hell upon those who adhere to a classical liberal philosophy. This man is a radical of the first stripe, and he has left no stone unturned in his quest. He has not committed voter fraud in the good old fashioned way. He has a vast network of ACORN operatives stealing votes through fraudulent means by the hundreds of thousands. This man has not committed campaign finance fraud in the good old fashioned way, squirrelling away Chinese monies like Bill Clinton. This cocksucker actually disabled his credit card verification system to allow tens of millions of illegal dollars to flow into his coffers from any number of enemies of the state. The droid army of the legacy press is aware of this, of course, but who wants to be the whistleblower once this man assumes power? No one. No fucking body. Wouldn’t be prudent at this fucking juncture, as 41 might say.

Just take yourself out of your liberal mind-set for a moment, and imagine that this was being done by McCain. What would be your reaction, and what would be the reaction of the media?

Doesn't it frighten ANY of you that the media is totally in the tank for Obama? Remember way back in school, where we were told the media was supposed to be one of those checks and balances of the government? One of the fucking pillars of democracy? Do you honestly believe that once the O has ascended, the media will switch into scrutiny mode?

Oh, I can hear you wailing already - BUT FOX! BUT FOXNEWS. Fox news is ONE fucking channel. One need to simply turn it off, and virtually every other news source is speaking Obama's language. The Joe Biden gaffee wasn't even covered until the alternative media was howling it from the hills.

And talk radio is only listened to by a small fraction of the entire country. It is no match, it is no balance, to the enormity of the liberal forces.