Monday, September 22, 2008

Smear Campaign? Who Me? HOPE! CHANGE!

"I'm Barack Obama and I .... mumble mumble mumble."

So who did pay for the ad that smeared Sarah Palin? The ad that was pulled merely hours after connections between it and a major PR firm close to Obama and Axelrod were discovered by bloggers?

"Time" mag just recently had an article about how dirty a campaign McCain was running. Yet, which candidate has raised "record" amount of money to spend on advertising? Which candidate has the likes of Time, CNN, MSNBS, Oprah, 90% of Hollywood and friends to push it's message? Which candidate had Matt Damon tells LIES on national tv?

And now, which campaign is (most likley) using a major PR firm to produce and distribute ads under the guise of "grassroot movements?"

Hope. Change.