Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kilpatrick gets to go to the DNC!

Joyous day!

Wayne County Circuit Judge Leonard Townsend earlier this morning ruled that the mayor may attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver later this month and may take off his electronic tether, but in a decision that may surprise even Kilpatrick's attorneys, Townsend said the mayor otherwise may not leave Wayne County.

Oh ... poor boy. But, let's focus on the positive here. He CAN go to the Democratic National Convention. Kwame's a Super, don't you know. And I thought the convention was going to be dull ...

But, Jenny wants to rain on my parade:

v. Jennifer Granholm said today it would be “incredibly cynical and wrong” for Republicans to use Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s growing controversy as a campaign bludgeon against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

“I fear they will do that. It’s been their practice in the past,” Granholm told reporters outside the Capitol building.

Those wasckely epublicans!

Granholm denied that she is under pressure from Democrats to resolve the crisis surrounding Kilpatrick in order to help Obama. She has set a Sept. 3 hearing on the Detroit City Council’s request that she remove Kilpatrick from office for misconduct.

“It’s not a political issue,” Granholm said.

Sure it's not. Why would ANYONE ever get that idea?

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's General Counsel Sharon McPhail on Wednesday sent a letter to Gov. Jennifer Granholm's attorney Thursday suggesting that Granholm offer to pardon Kilpatrick on criminal charges in exchange for his testimony at the Sept. 3 removal hearing.