Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kwame cheats on mistresses, calls everyone a racist

In the continuing saga that is Kwame, Detroit's mayor, the man himself lashes out against the prosecuter, Kim Worthy, and calls the citizens of Wayne County racists.

At the news conference, Kilpatrick accused Worthy of trying to “poison the jury pool” through the media.

“Her hopes is that the racism of this region will convict me instead of the issues of the law and justice,” he said.

Would someone, please, connect the dots that lead from accusing Kilpatrick of lying under oath and cheating on his wife to racism. And, for those not familiar, Kim Worthy is, herself, a black woman.

In Kilpatricks own attempt to "poison the jury pool" he announces that Worthy is guilty of prosecutorial misconduct:

“I think that it’s only now out of personal motive, there’s no justice involved … it’s a perversion of the law.”

Kilpatrick said it is unfortunate Worthy is issuing warrants and spending money on his case when the city has homicide and armed robbery cases that need to be solved.

“I think that her case is dying and she’s trying to do anything and everything she possibly can to make this a personal vendetta on her part,” he said. “It’s horrible.”

Yea, just horrible Mayor ...

It’s just sad,” Kilpatrick said. “It’s sad for this city, because I think the citizens want this over. I think there’s an honorable way for her and our lawyers to come together and figure out a way we can stop all this nonsense.”

The mayor said he wants to put the focus back on rebuilding the city.

Self-serving asshole. In additional developments ...

Kilpatrick’s wife has recently been living at the family’s home near Tallahassee in Florida with the couple’s three sons.

I'm sure it's to get away from the media... yea,that's it.