Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BDS on Wheels

George Soro's money in action. Of course, YOU can help by putting fuel in the tank of this behemoth. And they'll need a lot of fuel, since it only gets about 5 miles a gallon.

BUT, you say, WHAT about the CARBON FOOTPRINT? Exurban League has the info:

According to a quick carbon calculation (10,000 gallons × 22.4 [diesel emissions factor]), this road trip will create 224,000 pounds of CO2. For comparison, my fuel-efficient car will generate less than three percent of that total over the same time period — but I have to drive.

Keep in mind that I'm not accounting for running the engine while stopped. They will have to keep that AC blasting to ensure their fellow lefties can "stick it to The Man" in a pleasant climate.

Ah, sweet, sweet irony. I can't wait to see the rolling "Don't Drill in ANWR!" exhibit they no doubt have planned for Summer 2009.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again ... I don't think George Bush is going to win reelection.

h/t: Nice Deb via Ace.