Thursday, December 27, 2007

Michigan Trivia

I got this from one of those email things:

Interesting Information for People Who Live In Michigan
1. Governor Granholm is the 3rd highest paid Governor in the country at $177,000 in salary. This does not count her $60,000 expense account. Only the Governor of New York and California make more than her!
2. Governor Granholm's husband has 3 assistants paid by the state. The highest paid assistant makes $117,000 a year.
3. Our state Congressmen and Senators are the 2nd highest paid at $79,650 in salary. This
does not count their $20,000 expense account. Only California legislatures make more.
4. Our teachers are the 3rd highest paid teachers in the country
5. Our cigarette tax is the 4th highest
in the country
6. Our Corporate Income Tax rate is the 7th highest.

Funny how we don't have enough money to pay our bills and the only answer is for us to pay more in taxes, when our public servants are getting fat on our sweat!

Why the frak does her husband get assistants?