Friday, November 23, 2007

I wonder

What is is that drives some people to live each day hoping to offend as many people as possible. Or, should I say, offending certain people.

For all the hyper PC treatment of Indians Indigenous Americans, blacks African-Americans, Islamic-radicals Muslims, etc ... liberals are perfectly happy to offend Christians without even batting an eye. I have yet to see a liberal with a bumper sticker criticizing Muslims, but I suppose there is nothing offensive about this?

And, nothing makes my blood boil more than seeing a "Fuck Bush" bumpersticker in the car ahead of me as I'm driving my five kids somewhere. I had hope the conversation in Pandagon's comments was actually showing signs of hope:

I could do without the “Bush is a dipshit” bumperstickers I see: the public debate is debased enough with obscenities written unavoidably on the vehicle in front of you.

But, fearless leader Amanda Marcotte, ever blind to reasons:

Considering how the right mostly communicates in empty slogans (the entire argument against Al Gore is that he’s a nerd and against Hillary Clinton is that she’s a scary female and against Bill Clinton is that he’s getting laid more than you, etc.), maybe it’s time to aim your criticisms against the more deserving instead of whining here.

Sorry, honey, that may be the outer limits of Republican thought that you hear, but that's only because lefties never fucking listen. Hate to get all potty-mouthed, but I could make a nice long list why I didn't vote for Gore, thought Bill was a bad president, and strongly fear Hillary as president. But, there is no point, because most liberals won't even listen/read.

And, it is pretty predictable that Marcotte's response for a desire to raise the level of discourse is basically to call the person a whiner.