Friday, December 01, 2006

Best "O Holy Night"

Given that it isn't a "Holiday Season" but Christmas, I certainly enjoy me some of teh religious holiday musak. So, this leads me to raise the question of the best version of "O Holy Night." I'm rather partial to Ricky Lee Jones's version with The Cheiftains. Simple. Clean. Emotive. None of those annoying note tripping additions that you hear in the pop versions - I'm looking at you Christina Aguilera.

One that note, I would say that my issue with most Christmas music is that it is overproduced. I likes my Christmas arrangements simple; I prefer a singer supported by a violin and a piano, not the London Symphony. I can forgive the classics their full orchestral accompaniment. Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole get grandfathered-in. But if it's been made after 1975, I prefer the more understated music.

The exception, of course, is instrumental versions of songs.

Maggie is discussing Christmas music as well. Her choices are a tad more eclectic than mine.