Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I fell behind on BSG webisodes and now I cannot find them on the SciFi site. The only one I can find is episode ten. I wonder/hope it is just a gliche, because apparently there was some plot development. I had assumed they were going to be more in the vein of teasers.

I watched the season premier last night- enjoyed it very much- and refuse to make annoying parallels with the WOT/Iraq, etc. Jeff Harrell has a good post and discussion regarding THAT, and I agree with what was said over there. No need to put it over here. Oh, well perhaps just this :

If you want to all rorschach on it, you can find similarities between “Battlestar Galactica” and pretty much anything. That’s because it’s a show that takes great inspiration from events and situations both historical and contemporaneous. You think you see parallels between the fictional occupation of New Caprica and the post-war situation in Iraq? Great, congratulations. But there are also parallels between the TV show and the occupation of France by the Nazis, the occupation of the West Bank by Israel, the occupation of big chunks of Europe by the Soviets … hell, you can find common threads in the Roman occupation of Britain and the Persian occupation of India under Alexander the Great.

For the record, I think there were a few points in the episode where the writers were trying to get their digs in (calling the good guys "insurgents", for example) , but overall, thematically, the argument cannot be made that the show is a teaching moment for the foibles Bush administration. Assuming, of course, the person has over an 8th grade education.